Top 10 Gratitude List

1. My family & friends: my immediate family; family & family spread all over the globe; my hubby- thanks for all your support in everything that I do. My fur children who are the best heaters at night, give the best smooches, & inspire me to be a better human.

2. Choice… what a luxury! I’m so f’n lucky to have this and don’t ever take it for granted.

3. My teachers: formally & those who don’t know it. You all reveal things in my life I admire and aspire to & expose qualities in life I needn’t enhance in my own. Thank you.

4. Failures, I mean opportunities. They keep me humble and continue to shed light on how to stay grounded.

5. My home: refuge, sanctuary, haven, personal yoga studio. Heaven.

6. Food & Farmers: Thank you for putting real, whole, organic foods on my plate. I think of you every time receive food, prepare, & nourish myself. Thank you for all your hard work.

7. My chiropractor, Dr. Mike & masseus team, Ranier & Reggie. You have magic hands!

8. Blend tec: You’re the bomb. I not only thank you, I’m on my knees bowing!

9. MacBook Air: No really. I love you. You make my life convenient and keep me connected to friends & opportunity not within reach.

10.  MYS dream team: For awhile it was just me navigating the MYS ship. I set some goals, reshaped my vision, & manifested my team would take shape. It did and I am so lucky! They are my friends and my colleagues. I love you guys! I couldn’t do this without you!

Isabelle & Tony

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