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Asha Patel has become a dear friend of mine over the years. She is extremely talented & generous. She creates her beautiful jewelry line, by hand. Each piece is carefully made and infused with good intentions. Asha also designs a special bracelet that raises money for the media campaign, She’s The First, which supports the education of girls in the developing world. I’m very proud to be a brand ambassador for APD. Visit Asha Patel Designs click here

Based out of Denver and developed by biomechanics authority, Mike Mallory, and professional triathlete, Dan McIntosh. RADRoller focuses on safe muscular mobilization, inspired by human movement. As an avid mountain biker, snowboarder, and yogi, I know recovery is the most important thing we can do in the healing process and key to optimal fitness. The mindfulness and intention behind RADRoller is the reason why I have partnered as an ambassador. To learn more or to order,
click here. 


Founded by the inspirational and fearless leader, Kira Karmazin. The philosophy is ‘to provide inspirational products to women moving through life’s journeys and transitions. Items that lift your spirit at the touch, feel or at a glance’. KG builds business stands for charitable giving and nurturing as a primary value and responsibility, with core values of community, compassion, honor, inspiration, and integrity. The product line consists of Yoga Clothing, accessories and gifts, all uniquely designed and selected to be uplifting and inspiring. I am honored to be part of the team as the KiraGrace Warrior ambassador, alongside inspiring women, as leaders in their communities through yoga instruction and service. Shop KiraGrace

Formerly known as, Atlanta Yoga Conference, the SEYC has grown that it is now seeping much further into the south east. The lovely ladies that make the magic happen, Melissa Katz & Nicole Jurovics, are the visionaries behind this amazing event. They host international, regional, & local teachers. This is a killer, grass roots conference with intention to bring the rapidly expanding yoga community together.

Gina CucinaGina Stryker is the reason why I’m
well-nourished when I am training in Aspen, Colorado with my teacher (her husband), Yoga Rupa Rod Stryker. With a passion for her Italian heritage, it was destiny that Gina would be a chef. She refined her culinary skills in Italy, eventually she began to cater Yoga Rupa’s trainings. Gina Cucina caters a variety of cuisines: soups, salads, hearty and healthy main dishes, and desserts custom-made for all dietary needs. Gina proudly sources all food from local sources and everything is organic and non-gmo. Her soups are fresh, delicious, and are infused with the secret ingredient = L-O-V-E.
The bad news is… she caters in the Aspen Valley. The good news… you can order her soups online through the Soup Of The Month club! Soup club subscriptions vary from 3, 6, or 12 month options for two 16 oz or 32 oz organic and gluten free soups per month. Packages ship the first week of the month. This is an excellent gift for over-committed loved ones in your life who appreciate a warm, home-cooked meal. Shop: Gina Cucina